Thursday, March 8, 2007

Jazz and Bug Zappers = "Classy"

I just got back from a science nerd recruiting event that was catered by "The Buckhorn" which is based in winters. I was pleasantly surprised by the food at the event since I usually don't expect much from catered food. I am generally not a big fan of tri tip when it comes to red meat, but this was some of the better tri tip that I have had. Not much else to say about the tri tip, it was simple and well cooked, with a nicely seasoned crust on the outside. You all know what simple good meat tastes like so there is no point in elaborating. In my twelve years in Davis I have always meant to make it out to the Buckhorn in Winters, but have never made the trip. From what I hear it is good, as long as you don't mind being surrounded by the severed heads of the animals that you are eating looking down at you from the walls.
On another note, I had an interesting conversation with a dude named Phil on the subject of the word "Classy." If you have read our brief glossery of terms on the website you will see that we have our own interpretation of the word "Classy." We weren't sure if other people would identify with our definition of the word, hence we felt the need to define it for the readers. My hero Phil justified my reasoning for how Kristen and I use the word. To set the stage, Phil and I were eating in the illustrious UC Davis Alumini center. Phil says "Wow this is really classy....." This particular phrase demanded my attention of course, so I asked him to elaborate. Phil replies "well you know....It's really classy eating this tri tip and listening to some groovy jazz while eating right under the big bug zapper that's mounted on the wall right above our heads. That says it all....... I am just happy to be justified in our definition of the word classy. After that all I could think about was one of my food science classes were I learned that when female "bugs" encounter bug zappers, it tends to make them explosively disperse their eggs over the area below the zapper. Thank you Phil from Missouri, you made my night.

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