Saturday, March 17, 2007

Brunch & Pops...YUM!

I know farmer's market is still going on, but I couldn't wait to say that the grits with greens and bacon was amazing! Even my 16 month old son loved it, and that's saying a lot! The grits were smooth and creamy inside with a slightly crispy texture outside with a little heat. The greens were so perfectly cooked they were almost silky while still having enough 'chew', and the bacon was so yummy...thinly sliced bits of perfectly crisp, smoky salty I sound like Homer Simpson with a donut? We also tried the beignets...a liberal dose of powdered sugar served with the tangy and slighty bitter orange marmalade. This was pure comfort food...thanks for the heads up from Something in Season! My ruling: YUM! -K

*Thanks to Brendon from Something in Season for taking this beautiful photograph of the scrumptious grits and sharing it with us!

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Brendon said...

Oh, the grits were really, really good. I had them too. Would you like to use the photo that I took? I tried emailing you, but can't find your email address. (Let me know: you can send it to me at davisite at gmail dot com.)