Monday, February 26, 2007

Food or Service?

My partner in gastronomical adventures, Kristen, feels that service is more important than food when eating out. I don't want to trivialize the importance of good, prompt, friendly service, but it isn't the most important thing! She actually claims that given a choice between good food and good service she would choose good service. What is this weblog about? It is about food! If we were more passionate about service then I think a weblog about service would be more appropriate. Scenario #1: We go to a restaurant that has incredible food but terrible service. There is a good chance that I will never go back due to the bad service, but at least I didn't waste my hard earned money on inedible food. It's also cheaper that way because I have no problem not leaving any tip if the service is really bad (Only if the service is overtly rude, not just because the restaurant is swamped). Scenario #2: The food is bad but the service is excellent. Well it is always nice to interact with friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable people (thats why I live in Davis.....), but I don't need to pay for that. If I'm dropping $100-200 on a meal it better be good! I don't pay that kind of money for a smile and a promptly served plate of gruel. Being grad student living off of grants from the government (the part of the government that actually cares about human life....), I'm not exactly a high roller, I already eat gruel a few times a week and don't want to pay for it at a restaurant. Bottom line, service is very important, I would even say almost as important, but I can't imagine saying that it is more important than the food itself. I have a feeling Kristen might have something to say about this.

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